Our History

We would like to tell you a bit about ourselves.  We were formed in order to help the homeless animals of Elk County, Pennsylvania by a group of animal lovers.  Our 503(c)(3) tax exemption status was applied for and granted in 2001.  We operated, with the help of foster homes, until 2007 when the shelter was completed.  Donations from foundations, corporations, organizations and individuals enabled us to build the Elk County Humane Society with much of the work being donated also.  The shelter has 24 dog kennels and 44 cat pens, a puppy room and a medical room.  We continue to seek to improve the lives of homeless animals in any way possible and hope to do so for many, many years to come.  All this has been made possible by the endless support of our community through donations and our wonderful volunteers.  We cannot thank everyone enough for that continued support. 

Our Mission

Our mission at the Elk County Humane Society is to provide safe and effective means of preventing cruelty and over population of animals throughout Elk County by:

  • Fostering humane education
  • Assisting authorities in the enforcement of all laws pertaining to animals, heretofore and          hereafter enacted
  • Providing protection for animals
  • Providing recognition of meritorious humane acts
  • Assisting pet owners in obtaining spaying and neutering services
  • Ending the suffering in a humane manner of any incurable or unadoptable animals
  • Such other services as may from time-to-time are considered by the Society as                       necessary for the attainment of this purpose